Samstag, 9. Januar 2016

The Great Transformation in Korean - 위대한 전환: 지구 온도 2도를 지키기 위해

 Update 9 Jan 2016: We now found out about the details of the Korean version of our book:

Meanwhile the book has been published, apparently first as eBook (still in 2015), now also in print version (6 Jan. 2016):

Hamann, A., Zea-Schmidt, C. & Leinfelder, R. (2016): 위대한 전환: 지구 온도 2도를 지키기 위해 (The Great Transition: keep global temperature rise below 2 degrees), 148 pp, 푸른지식 그래픽로직  (Blue Graphic Knowledge Logic), Seoul,  (6. Jan. 2016),  ISBN: 978-8998282325

more information, eg: print and ebook:, > google translate

 For a review (in Korean) > see here.

Translated by Google Translater, this turns out: