Freitag, 6. März 2015

The Great Transformation Comic on the International Ocean Sustainability Science Forum Kiel

The Great Transformation Comic (and a few other comic projects from our working group) were at the heart of an international workshop on comics and science at the Ocean Sustainability Science Symposium in Kiel. The Trafo-Comic also took part in two other talks by Reinhold Leinfelder (the public evening talk and a scientific keynote on the oceans, examples see fig. 1):
Fig. 1: Examples from Reinhold Leinfelder's keynote on Oceans in the Anthropocene, using illustrations from the Great Transformation comic. Given at the Internat. Oceans Sustainability Science Symposium
And of course we don't mind at all that after the talks and especially after Reinhold Leinfelder's introductory talk "Science and comics - multimodal approach to knowledge transfer for complex topics" the workshop on comics the hits on this webpage went up ;-)

Fig. 2: Daily access to this webpage from 1 to 6 March 2015 (till 17:08 hrs)